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Cole promises his mother that Todd is going to pay for what he did to her. She asks for his laptop to do research on her own past.

Online, she starts searching for everything about Todd as her metronome continues to tick.

She eventually covers her bed with printouts of various stories from Todd's past.

Reading about Dr. Joplin, Cole rushes to be with Starr who has already heard the news.

Dorian updates him about Joplin's claim that the baby had an undisclosed RH problem.

Starr adds that this means that she and Cole are incompatible but states that shots administered at the right time would have saved the baby's life.

Noelle asks Carlotta for a job waitressing at the Buenos Dias Cafe while Moe boasts of his fortune cooking for Dorian, a real "goodie."

Carlotta hires Noelle and offers to take her to get her hair done but Noelle boasts that she's already seen Roxie.

Thanks to encouragement from Natalie, Viki decides to go see Charlie. Reminding him that she knows he raped Marty years ago, Tea offers to act as his attorney and beat Nora.

He admits that he married Blair so that he could be with his daughter but then blames his troubles on John. As he talks about Marty and claims to be a different man, Tea realizes that he has fallen in love with Marty.

She again offers to be his lawyer but he turns down the offer, explaining that jail means nothing since he's already "living in hell."

Blair approaches John about ending things but when he hints that he'd still like a chance to make their relationship work, she changes her mind. The two then share a passionate kiss.

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