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Thanking him for all he has done, Vanessa surprises Cristian with a kiss. Afterwards, she apologizes and explains she wanted to kiss him one more time.

Talia catches Sara snooping and guesses she's worried about Vanessa.

Sarah boasts that she has nothing to worry about since Vanessa is being shipped back to South America. Layla interrupts and confirms that she's going out with Nelson, a blind date.

A jealous Sarah stops by Cristian's to watch "Christina Comes Home for Christmas" and, when Vanessa claims it's a favorite of hers, she invites Vanessa to go upstairs to watch it.

After sex, Blair and John also watch the holiday movie in bed.

Though they confirm how great it is to be together, both Talia and Antonio agree they're not ready to talk about marriage.

Viki finally blurts out to Charlie that she wants to give their relationship another chance. Thrilled to see his 100 day chip from AA, Viki suggests they celebrate.

The two share a kiss and take a walk together in the falling snow. Natalie and Jared struggle to babysit Bree and Chloe for Viki.

When Jessica apologizes for Tess flirting with him, Brody assures her that he knows she's not Tess or Bess.

He compares her emotional struggles with his own.

The two end up watching the TV special together.

As they send out photo holiday cards, Rex and Gigi guess she's talking about his real father when Roxy talks about an early memory.

Shane confides to Rex that he wants to make a special one to give to Brody. Rex offers to leave him alone to craft the card but is touched when the boy asks for his help.

With Shane in bed, Rex and Gigi have sex for the first time since he was shot.

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