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Part I: Blair asks Todd to take Sam and move out but he refuses to budge. Realizing she's already said too much, Corrine nervously advises Rex to speak to Roxy if he has questions about his father. Natalie snarls at Jared after learning how Jessica was committed. Dorian warns Miles to stay away from her sister. At St. Ann's, Alison gleefully hints to Jessica that she knows a secret.

Part II: Todd makes it clear to Blair that he wants them to have a real marriage. Roxy watches disapprovingly as Miles and Addie discover that they share much in common. Jared explains to Natalie why he tricked her twin as payback for Jessica's charade. Dorian cautions Charlie against going to Buchanan but he insists on trying to mend fences with his angry son.

Part III: Exasperated when Jessica suddenly changes her mind about being released from the sanitarium, Nash accuses her of hatching yet another harebrained scheme. Rex confronts his mother, who claims that Corrine lied about Walter not being his real dad. Todd finally convinces Blair (Kassie DePaiva) to give him another chance and they wind up making love...

One Life To Live
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