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One Life to Live
June 30, 2008

Today on One Life to Live, Jared and Natalie take the four-legged "David Vickers" back to the motel for safekeeping.

Leaning over Nash's open casket, "Tess" sadly tells her lover how hard she had to fight to get back to him.

Langston is surprised by Dorian's reaction to the news about Addie's impulsive nuptials.

Nora chokes on her cup of coffee when Bo and Lindsay happily announce their engagement. An embittered "Tess" vows to make Natalie and Jared pay for murdering Nash.

Cris and Antonio wonder what a rogue U.S. ambassador would want with Sarah and Talia. Later, Tina displays the crown jewels of Mendorra for the astonished Vega brothers.

As Matthew and Clint offer Bo their congratulations, Nora forces a strained smile but can't help needling the bride-to-be about her checkered past.

Viki comes to the vineyard to give Jessica a ride to the cemetery.

Dorian brings Madame Delphina to La Boulet to do a psychic reading as a gift for the newlyweds but is irked when the oracle predicts a bright future for the mismatched couple.

Nora's sense of revulsion intensifies after Lindsay and Bo decide to tie the knot that very day. Antonio and Cristian corner Jonas, who smugly reminds them that he has diplomatic immunity.

David is appalled to meet his furry namesake. Delphina begins channeling Mel and scolds a startled Dorian for her latest misdeeds.

Posing as Jessica, "Tess" attends Nash's burial.

Lindsay destroys a key piece of evidence against her, unaware that Nora already has a copy of the document.

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One Life To Live
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