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Dr. Joplin tells Todd his granddaughter is in perfect health, then is surprised when he instructs her to give the baby to Marcie as Starr wishes. John smashes his way into Todd's house.

Starr admits to Blair how she called her dad when she went into labor.

"Bess" calmly puts together a plan of action to deal with Jessica's stillborn infant. In Llanfair's basement, Viki and Charlie desperately search for a way to free their trapped children.

John shoots Todd's bodyguard and turns to rescue Marty but finds himself staring down the barrel of a gun. Marcie explains to Blair and Starr why she's decided to name her daughter "Hope."

Unable to disarm the time bomb, Charlie realizes he'll have to dispose of it instead. John tries to convince Marty to lower the weapon but soon realizes her head has been filled with Todd's lies.

"Bess" slips into Dr. Joplin's office and takes Starr's newborn, leaving the dead baby in her place. After Charlie races off with the ticking device, Viki and the others are horrified to hear a loud explosion.

Janet is amazed by Todd's change of heart. John warns a bristling Marty she's been manipulated by a monster.

Relieved to see Charlie safe and sound, Viki throws herself into his arms. Later, Natalie, Viki, Jared and Charlie are all happily reunited.

A beaming Marcie thanks Starr for the most precious gift possible. Meanwhile, Janet and Dr. Joplin are dismayed to discover the lifeless child in the bassinet.

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One Life To Live
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