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Talia and Antonio dig into Vanessa's background as Nora tells Bo she's gonna book his niece on attempted murder. Jessica is put into restraints as she worries about Tess taking over.

After Todd makes a full confession, a shattered Marty wonders how she could have fallen for such a monster. Natalie and Jared angrily confront Tina about her role in their traumatic ordeal.

Sarah confides to Cris how Lola and Vanessa's presence in the loft is cramping her style.

Nora assures Bo she'll try to get Jessica the psychiatric help she needs rather than push for prison time.

Though Dorian suggests that Todd may have been responsible for the death of Starr's baby, Blair vehemently denies her ex could ever stoop that low.

Todd entreats Marty to believe that her love made him a changed man. Bo learns how John broke out of the lock-up.

Tina begs Natalie not to tell Viki about her latest transgressions. Enraged to hear that Marty slept with Todd, John begins mercilessly pummeling his long time nemesis.

Viki thanks Dorian for helping her locate Natalie and Jared. Vanessa eavesdrops on Cris' call to Sarah.

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One Life To Live
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