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Cole rushes into Marty's arms as John tells a shocked Blair and Nora how Marty has been living with Todd for months. Michael takes Marcie home and there, she finds the baby gifts her father and brothers sent.

Langston visits Starr and tries to console her grieving friend. Marty apologetically admits to Cole that she doesn't remember him.

A sedated Todd dreams about forging a bright future with Marty. Langston gives Starr a lock of the baby's hair to remember her by.

Pressed by Cole for details, Nora hesitantly reveals where John located Marty. Later, Blair's jaw drops when John discloses the details of her ex-husband's plan.

Declaring his love, Michael promises Marcie he will never walk out on her again
. Starr places the lock of hair in the special locket Marcie bought for her. Marty tells Nora she fears she could be carrying Todd's child. Down the hall, a vengeful Cole slips into Todd's hospital room.

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One Life To Live
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