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Natalie is reunited with Rex as Roxy looks on. Clint promises Jessica she's going to get the help she needs, while Marty kicks herself for falling for the lies of Todd.

Meanwhile, a seething Cole threatens to finish Todd off once and for all. Jessica implores her father to reveal what Tess did to Jared and Natalie. John consoles Blair after learning of Starr's tragic loss.

Nora reminds Marty why nobody but Todd is to blame for her predicament, then advises her to use the morning after pill to ensure she wasn't impregnated by her rapist.

Rex and Gigi explain Shane's true paternity to an astonished Natalie and Jared. At the VA, Brody tells Wes he's certain to be behind bars for a long time. Cole icily informs Todd that Starr's baby is dead.

Jessica is devastated to hear the sordid details of Tess' long reign of terror. Blair lashes out at Todd. Nora invites Marty to come home with her so she can start getting to know Cole again.

Wes comes to Gigi and Rex to make an appeal on Brody's behalf.

Until tomorrow on One Life to Live ...

One Life To Live
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