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Starr shows her mom the locket a piece of baby Hope's hair. Dorian demands answers from Dr. Joplin, while Nora and Marty encounter Todd as they go to leave the hospital.

Natalie and Jared reluctantly answer Jessica's summons.

Marty coldly informs Todd she's just taken steps to ensure that she won't have his baby. Wes asks Rex to consider dropping the charges against Brody. A tearful Jessica tells her sister and Jared how ashamed she is of her recent actions.

Meanwhile, Bess and Tess face off in a battle for control.

Blair reveals to Starr how her father kept the fact that Marty was alive from Cole and everyone else in Llanview.

Dorian angrily presses Dr. Joplin to explain why there's no record of her great-niece's child being admitted to the NICU.

Disclosing why the loss of her husband still feels so raw, Jessica admits to Jared and Natalie that she can't forgive them for their part in Nash's death just yet. Marty vents her rage on Todd.

Bess assures a worried Tess that the baby is fine.

Rex agrees to do whatever he can to get Brody off the hook. Insisting the child is hers, Tess hisses at Bess to let her out. Natalie encourages her twin to believe that she can and will get better.

Starr is appalled when Blair hesitantly drops her final bombshell about Todd's master plan.

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