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Nora escorts Brody to St. Ann's as part of his plea. Cris assures Vanessa he and his girlfriend are fine with her and Lola moving in.

Sarah gripes to Layla about constantly having Vanessa underfoot.

Clint, Viki and Natalie all offer to accompany Jessica to St. Ann's after she signs commitment papers. Brody is pleasantly surprised when Gigi, Rex and Shane decide to spend part of their Thanksgiving Day visiting him.

Tina reluctantly faces the prospect of saying goodbye to Sarah yet again. Langston invites an excited Lola to share Thanksgiving dinner with her and the gang at La Boulet.

Viki encourages Jessica to spend a few minutes with her children before she leaves. Tina presents one of "David Vicker's" puppies to Sarah as a parting gift, then exchanges a tearful farewell with her anguished daughter.

Brody suffers another flashback of his time in Iraq while playing checkers with Shane. Recognizing the look on his friend's face, Wes quietly urges Brody to believe he'll soon be getting the help he needs.

Nora informs Vanessa she's being deported back to Colombia to face charges there. Jessica weeps inconsolably following her visit with Bree and baby Chloe.

As she leaves Llanview, Tina vows to mend her ways and lead a better life. Sarah returns to the loft just in time to see Cristian comforting Vanessa with a hug.

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One Life To Live
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