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Todd dispatches Janet to the hospital to assist with the delivery - and theft - of his impending grandchild. Addie comforts Starr as she awakens crying from a nightmare.

Rex goes to visit Brody, who sheepishly apologizes for the shooting. John forces Keys to return to Llanfair to testify against his former employer.

Todd presents a delighted Marty with an entirely new wardrobe, then shows her photos of the house he purchased for them in New Mexico.

Antonio listens skeptically when Ray continues to insist he's been framed by Vanessa's lies. Rex thanks Brody for standing by Gigi when she was pregnant with Shane ten years earlier.

Cristian speaks up for Vanessa during her bail hearing.

Still vehemently declaring his innocence, Ray is sent back to the prison in Colombia. Langston reminds a grateful Lola that she can always count on her cousin for support.

Rex bumps into Gigi and Shane as they arrive at the VA hospital to see Brody. Surprised to receive a call from Starr, Todd tells his daughter how much he misses her.

Keys repeats his strange tale for the judge.

Brody urges an unhappy Shane to remember that they can be friends but are no longer father and son.

Exasperated when the judge refuses to issue another search warrant, John bitterly accuses him of incompetence and winds up being physically restrained by two bailiffs.

Sarah fumes when Cris invites Vanessa to move in with him and Lola.

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