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Todd asks Blair why she has a report on Tea. Blair lies that she's trying to protect her children but he accuses her of being jealous.

Blair boasts that she can have Todd anytime she wants him. To prove it, she kisses him and when he doesn't respond, she slaps him.

Todd tells Blair that he's changed and that he wants to make this relationship with Tea work.

She counters that she's going to uncover secrets about his lover. As Nora wonders aloud to Bo why Tea is doing this, the attorney talks with Matthew on the stand about his many athletic efforts at school.

Matthew makes an impassioned plea for a chance to walk again.

At the gym Fish watches as Nick flirts with Kyle and agrees to meet him later for coffee. Warning that Kyle's had some trouble with the law, Fish admits he's a cop and urges Nick to stay away from Kyle.

Encouraged by Kim to get pregnant as soon as possible, Stacy calls Kyle who hurries over to see her. But when she tries to take him to bed, he turns down the offer as well as Kim's offer to "double down" with the two of them. He stuns them when he admits that he's gay.

Later, he calls Nick who agrees to get together with him. Rex stews when he finds Schuyler embracing Gigi. As he argues with Gigi about what she's doing with the guy, Schuyler interrupts and explains that he was hugging her goodbye.

Warning Rex to stop being so angry with him and concentrate on how lucky he is to have the love of a woman like Gigi, Schuyler leaves.

Rex and Gigi then try to get past this incident. Arguing about the other night, Greg tells Rachel that she's not his type.

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