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With the tee on the stand, Elijah asks Matthew to confirm he's responsible for his disability. The attorney suggests not wearing a seat belt proves Matthew's unable to make decisions.

Tea tries to repair the damage.

Jared and Natalie shows Clint the DVD of Nash's death. As Nigel stares in disgust at the front door, David addresses the camera about the prodigal son coming home to stay.

Nigel cries out in pain when David finally explains that this is a reality TV show. David interrupts Clint, Natalia and Jared who warns them to get out when he boasts that Jared was responsible for Nash's death.

After they accuse David of sending the DVD, Clint punches him. When David then mentions that Clint stole the love of his dad's life, Clint grabs a shotgun and threatens to shoot David.

Brody confirms for Jessica that someone could be stalking her and tells her about the heart drawn on the window.

She insists only she and Nash knew about this but he suggests someone else found out and is doing this on purpose. Asking Cole to call him Sergei, the drug dealer asks why he's been hanging out with the police.

Cole explains his family situation and then asks why he's been following him. Sergei boasts that he can arrange for him to sell to freshman at Llanview U.

As he leaves, Cole hears Sergei mention a shipment coming tonight but fails to hear the dealer's suspicions about him. Langston tries to convince Starr not to drop out of school because of her baby.

Jessica seeks Delphina's help and is surprised to hear she met Tess last summer. When they ask for Nash to communicate with them, the doors suddenly fly open.

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One Life To Live
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