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Sensing Nora's having second thoughts, Viki lectures her about keeping the past behind her. Viki states that Charlie is the man she loves and insists he is her future.

Bo tries to find the nerve to tell Clint about kissing Nora but they keep getting interrupted.

Jessica decides to use the endless waiting around to go light a candle for Nash, unaware there is someone eyeing Nash's tombstone.

When Viki appears at the end of the aisle, Clint wonders why Nora isn't with her. As a guilt-ridden Bo watches, Nora finally appears and the double wedding ceremony begins.

As they try to drink their troubles away, a drunk Dorian befriends a cat she found out on the terrace. Pouring another drink, Blair imagines living with Dorian, alone in an unkempt mansion except for their cats.

Not wanting to live in squalor while breeding cats, Blair decides to act.

Schuyler continues to hide his attraction to her while comforting Gigi.

As she arrives with organic food to help nurture her unborn baby, Rex tells Stacy to pack her bags and get out.

She reminds him that she's pregnant with his baby but he points out that it's not been proven that he is the father. Stacy convinces him to let her stay because she's broke and has nowhere else to go.

Gigi isn't pleased to hear that her sister has once again gotten what she wanted. Later, Rex warns Schuyler to stay away from Gigi.

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