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Fish admits he is gay. Then he returns to the apartment and apologizes to Layla and Cristian for his lies.

He reveals that he got so drunk last night, he realized this morning he's got to be honest with himself.

Layla reassures him that Bo won't care as long as he does a good job but he describes how his father will react should he learn his secret.

He panics to hear they are on their way to see him and his girlfriend.

Telling Nora about Tom Keeton, the crooked cop working with Mayor Lowell, Bo and John seek her advice after revealing that they illegally bugged the two.

Nora suggests they get Judge Runyon to grant a warrant to bug the mayor's office. Dorian tells the mayor that they need his son Justin today to make the campaign work and sets up a photo op.

As the photographer and videographer shoot, Stanley tells his son that he doesn't have time to attend any school-related functions.

Ross describes to Blair how much he loves his wife Tea but admits that most of the time she was with him, she couldn't stop thinking about Todd.

She offers to drop the charges against him if he'll return to Llanview with her. Back at Todd's, Tea's uncomfortable talking about marriage to Todd after his marriage proposal.

After Todd leaves, Tea calls Ross.

Unaware Sergei has ordered him to fill in because Asher's "tapped out," Todd spots Cole in the park, about to sell some drugs to Justin.

John and Nora are disgusted to see the mayor's son is the same kid who has been hassling their son.

What happens next? Find out in our One Life to Live spoilers!

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