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Handing her $300, Gigi tells Stacy it's enough money to make the pregnancy "go away." Stacy screams at her sister for suggesting she get an abortion.

After she kicks Gigi out, Stacy rants about having Rex all to herself with their baby. But as she prepares for bed, Stacy suddenly feels a terrible stomach pain.

She falls to the floor and calls 911 for help.

Rex is forced to explain to Shane why Stacy is not out of their lives for good and is actually still living at his place.

Revealing that Stacy is pregnant, Rex confirms that he is the father though Shane asks if he's sure. Rex assures his son that he will always be with him.

After telling Stacy about his chat with their son, Rex refuses to answer when Stacy calls.

As the priest waits to see if someone is going to object to either couple getting married, Todd's cellphone suddenly blasts its annoying ring tone.

To make things worse, a drunk Dorian and Blair crash the wedding.

Blair tries to take her place sitting next to Todd but when Tea refuses to move over, she plops herself down in Tea's lap.

Both interruptions spoil Bo's decision to stop the wedding.

Blair announces that Nora's wedding is a farce because she's still in love with Bo. Shaun gets Dorian to quiet down so that the priest and rabbi can finish the two ceremonies.

Afterwards, the wedding guests dance with the brides and grooms until Bo ends up dancing with Nora. As the brides toss their bouquets, Tea catches Nora's while Blair grabs Viki's.

Brody finds Jessica out at Nash's grave. Though she thought she saw someone again, Jessica decides not to tell Brody.

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