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Jessica comes to see a missing Brody. Sister Mary Claire and Barb give him a hard time though he insists he was on a walk.

Later, Jessica tells Brody she knows he's lying and he complains about Wes lying to him about the gun.

Insisting Marty didn't kill Wes, John tells Blair that Marty's not a violent person but Blair points out the many exceptions to his claim.

After Antonio and Talia arrive, Blair urges them to arrest Marty after telling them she heard her asking John for help.

John claims Todd's responsible. Dorian explains the new living arrangements to a stunned Matthew who complains about having to move out.

Clint insists they've got lawyers working on this but Dorian boasts they have marshals outside ready to kick them out.

Clint suggests the brothers work together to make the Buchanan empire even bigger. David claims that if they had been nicer to him it might have happened but now, he wants them gone.

After Dorian boasts that David also owns the Palace Hotel, he tells Renee that this makes up for the many times she refused to rent him a room.

David offers to keep Nigel on with a raise but Nigel lectures him that he isn't fit to use the Buchanan name.

Before he leaves, Bo takes a sample of David's hair to run a DNA test.

Tea hands Todd a bill for services rendered and explains that she added another amount to cover her handling Lee's murder.

They argue about her bill and when she spots an earring on the floor, she recognizes it as Blair's and realizes she spent the night with him.

Cole and Starr are disgusted by the screaming headlines and large photos about the fight at the Go Red Ball.

Cole mentions that he went to see his mother last night to show her a letter but left when he heard Wes' voice in the motel room.

Reading he's been accepted at Llanview University, Starr embraces him.

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One Life To Live
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