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Brody tells Jessica that he might have killed Wes. She suggests that he would know if he did this.

She then points out he has no blood on his hands or his clothes.

Brody eventually assures her that while he hated him because of his lie about the gun, he also loved the guy.

Knowing that Todd will be a suspect in Wes' murder, Tea decides to meet the concern head on and calls Antonio.

Pointing out he has an alibi, Tea assures him she's doing the right thing. Marty's attorney Lewis tries to get Antonio to let her go but Antonio explains that she is their prime suspect.

Cole bursts in and tells his mother how concerned he is that he might lose her again. While Talia questions Marty, Cole tells Antonio and John that he heard Wes' voice through the door but can't remember the exact time.

Blair's nervous when Tea brings Todd to the station house to explain his whereabouts last night.

Eyeing the parking stub, Natalie wonders to Jared why Jessica would have gone to the hospital and stayed there for a bit before leaving to go have the baby elsewhere.

She decides that she must investigate to protect the kids. After Noelle complains about Mel's problems with his new wealth, Markko is thrilled to read that he's been accepted into UCLA.

Hearing he got into college, Langston quickly assumes he'll be going to Llanview U. and hugs him.

Markko decides not to tell her right now about UCLA.

Starr asks Schuyler if his last relationship failed because of his drug problem. When he reacts with astonishment and insists on privacy, she explains this has to do with her friend using drugs.

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