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En route to Vegas, Rex mentions to Gigi that they may also go to a wedding chapel. She asks if he's serious.

She adds that she wants Shane with them in a formal ceremony.

Hinting she always dreamed about her father walking her down the aisle, Gigi explains that she hasn't seen her father since he kicked her out of the house for being pregnant.

Once at the hotel, Rex is amused to see a poster for a showgirl named Gigi.

As the showgirl spies on them, Rex drags Gigi to a nearby wedding chapel.

As Cristian, Antonio, Layla, Lola and Vanessa celebrate Talia's birthday at Rodi's, they talk about who might have killed Lee if Tea didn't.

Tending bar, Wes tries to listen.

Seeing Fish, Talia thanks him for coming but he doesn't know anything about it. When she mentions the "Go Red Ball," Fish invites Layla to go with him.

Later, Fish gives John the information he dug up on Wes and learns his secret. Vanessa's uneasy when Lola asks her about the knife her father used to kill her mother.

Ray calls Tea who claims that she is close to getting Lola to "crack." Lola hears Tea on the phone talking about her.

As Todd's confession sinks in, Marty asks John how she can move on with her life. She confesses that she cares for him but points out that he's with Blair.

As Blair secretly listens, John tells her that this isn't about Blair but about what Todd did to her. Unnerved, Marty asks him to leave.

Later, Blair shocks Marty when she warns her to stay away from John.

However, it's Marty who surprises Blair as she draws her into an argument and then steps out of the way as Blair falls into the water.

As Starr talks about her father being cleared today, Jessica is troubled when she suddenly remembers being at Todd's house, listening to him talk on the baby monitor.

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