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Rex and Gigi burst in and find Moe and Noelle being married in Vegas by a James Brown clone. Rex accuses them of being part of Dorian's scheme.

Realizing they have no idea where David and Dorian are which means they've lost the $100,000 bonus, the two agree to be witnesses for Moe and Noelle.

Meanwhile, David brings Dorian to the Temple of Tranquility where they can be married in traditional Buddhist ceremony.

Pointing out how she's giving up so much to be with him, David thanks Dorian and admits that he's missed her.

After they're married, Dorian advises David they must return home for the special "Go Red" ball. As she keeps an eye on the wedding chapel, Stan blasts Stacy for missing her shift as Gigi stripping on stage.

Claiming she has other plans, Stacy announces that she's going to Llanview. Admitting she heard her mention her name on the phone, Lola forces Tea to admit that she was talking to Lola's father.

Tea confesses that Ray is her client and tells her that she and Ray both think that Vanessa killed her mother. Lola admits that it was Vanessa who forced her to open the box that held the knife used in the killing.

At Rodi's, Cristian warns Vanessa that they're being watched by ICS and suggests they act "romantic" to fool them.

Wes spots John's laptop and realizes he's been researching his past and found out about Lee's affair with his father.

When Blair stumbles into the Llantano River, Marty offers her hand to pull her out but Blair pulls her into the chilly water with her.

The two end up at Rodi's trying to dry off and stay warm. Blair lashes out at John for telling Marty that she wasn't important and walks out.

Wes offers to take a drenched Marty back to his motel room.

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