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Pointing out how close he is to Marty, Blair asks John where they stand. He counters with his own question about Todd.

The two work things out and end up in bed.

Schuyler insists to Starr that she is not responsible for his mother's suicide.

Starr points out how Dorian attacked Dr. Joplin for what happened with the baby. He's surprised that she doesn't blame his mother and hints that it's really his fault because he let her down.

Starr mentions that Joplin told them she had a lot on her mind those days and Schuyler wonders what that was.

Showing him some pills, Asher urges Cole to use them to feel better. Cole overhears John mentions the motel where Marty is staying and runs to find his mother.

Admitting she worked for Todd, Janet asks Renee to hide her and denies that she knew what Todd was doing. But when Renee decides to call Bo, she stops her and sheepishly admits that she may have "heard things."

Tea explains her hope to talk with Janet before the prosecution can force her to testify against Todd.

Though Todd assures her that Marty wouldn't tell anything incriminating to any doctor or priest, Tea worries what she might have told Dr. Joplin.

She calls to meet with Schuyler.

When Viki stops by, she admits her concern after his suicide attempt and reminds him how he's a survivor.

Encouraged by Viki, Todd calls Starr but she doesn't answer.

Bo is outraged when Nora shows him the joint she found in Matthew's backpack. While Nora tries to calm Bo, the two confront their son.

Shane's embarrassed as are Rex and Gigi when the boy walks in on them having sex in the living room. Gigi asks Rex to have a talk with their son about sex. Antonio and Talia uncover Todd's phone calls to Dr. Joplin.

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