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Vanessa warns Lola she can't trust Tea. Tea eyes Langston as she shows Markko the letter from her father.

She reads his words of apology and his appeal for her forgiveness.

Also in the letter is a photo and a note he wants her to pass on to Lola. Langston warns her not to do it but when Lola approaches, she hands her the note.

Writing that he loves her, Ray encourages his daughter to find someone she can talk with.

Just then, Tea approaches and expresses her friendship again.

Admitting he has feelings for her, Cristian assures Antonio that his marriage with Vanessa is "for real."

At the loft, he finds Vanessa waiting in a sexy dress.

The two kiss and have sex. When Brody admits he's staring at the vision, Jessica encourages him to find out what the boy wants.

Thinking back to all that happened that day in Iraq, Brody suddenly remembers that the boy didn't have a gun.

He tells Jessica it can't be so because there are witnesses who confirm seeing the weapon. Startled by his words, Jessica suddenly remembers Tess her holding the baby, admitting "it's a lie."

She then decides she needs to return to the vineyard to find some answers. Wes advises Gigi that Brody "sees" the kid he shot in Iraq.

Bo opens up to Rex about his problem with Matthew and the joint Nora found in his backpack.

Rex assures him that his son is not lost but is just finding his way and urges him to reconsider forcing him to go to the principal.

After Blair refuses to give her any details about her love lie with John, Roxy points out to her friend that John chose her, not Marty.

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