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Viki and Clint refuse to allow Nora to question Tess. Viki leaks to Clint that Bess told her Jessica/Tess has another secret.

Hungover Beaver wakes in Dorian's hotel room and is shocked when she happily claims that they slept together "all night long."

As he tries to remember, Dorian admits that he actually passed out before they "completed their transaction."

However, she also claims he told her all about his work for Asa and learns that David's going to inherit all of Asa's estate.

After Beaver leaves, Mel warns Dorian not to go after the Buchanan money and hints she'll be on her own if she does.

Jared approaches David at the Buenos Dias and is taken aback when David apologizes to him and urges him to find Asa's son so he can make amends.

Hearing David's claim that he knew Jared and Natalie were soulmate, Jared urges him to "high tail it" back to Tibet and urges him to stay away from Clint.

Jared offers him a briefcase full of cash to leave but David meditates for a minute and then claims money means nothing to him.

Interrupting Brody and Wes as they gab, Jessica assures them both that she's not Tess. Hearing what Tess did, Jessica apologizes and agrees to be friends with him.

As they defend their marriage to the INS agent, Sarah interrupts and confesses that she reported Vanessa to immigration.

After Vanessa leaves, Sarah blasts her boyfriend for kissing Vanessa and announces that she's flying to L.A. to be Puddle of Mudd's manager.

Though Lola insists that she saw her father kill her mother, Tea carefully tries to get her to change her story but Vanessa interrupts and orders Tea to get out.

Interrupting their "quickie," Natalie proudly announces to Rex and Gigi that she's engaged to Jared though they haven't set a wedding date.

Seeing Gigi holding Chloe, Rex later apologizes to her for not being around when she was raising Shane. She hints that he might get another shot at it.

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