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Someone secretly videotapes Blair as she continues her confrontation of Todd. When Tea arrives, she's caught on the tape as well.

Blair leaves Todd with a photo of their family taken during happier times.

Todd confesses his plan to take Marty and kidnap Starr's baby with nurse Janet Ketring's help.

Hearing he blackmailed her to force her to leave, Tea warns him that Janet could ruin his case if she returns to Llanview.

Laughing with Cole and Starr about their last science teacher, Langston's thrilled to meet Mr. J., the "hunky" new teacher.

Starr's embarrassed when Mr. J. catches her talking and asks her what she knows about human biology and reproduction.

When he presses her for an answer, she admits that she gave birth but the baby died. After class, Dr. J. apologizes to Starr until she admits her last name is Manning.

Schuyler reveals he is Dr. Joplin's son. Nora seeks advice from Antonio and Talia for help with the case against Todd.

As they talk about finding Janet and bringing her back to town, they too are captured on videotape.

Turning down the joint, Cole tells his fellow student that it's not strong enough. Asher offers to get him something stronger so Cole agrees and sends him away when Matthew interrupts.

Assuming Marty had sex with the stranger in the motel room, John offers to take her home but she points out she doesn't have one.

She complains that he helped save Todd's life and when she angrily refuses to leave, Wes insists that John leave.

John counters with a threat to kill him if he hurts Marty.

Nora finds a joint in Matthew's backpack. Renee is taken aback when Janet asks for her help.

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