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Langston and Markko run upstairs to her bedroom. Ernesto blames Dorian for what they're going to do there. Shaun asks him to back off.

Ernesto tries to rush upstairs and is stopped at the foot of the stairs by Charlie, Shaun and Moe who suggest they talk about this, man-to-man-to-man.

In spite of the talk, Ernesto wants nothing to do with Langston and walks out. Viki invites Markko to move in with her and Charlie.

Bringing a container of special ice cream, Roxy finds Stacy planning another night of seduction for Rex and doubts that he wants anything to do with her.

Stacy won't allow it as Roxy tries to put ice cream into the refrigerator. She then complains about the nurse who injected her with a drug.

Worried that the truth has come out, Stacy asks Roxy who did she tell about their scheme. Roxy again accuses her of hiring the nurse to attack her.

Meanwhile, that same nurse advises her "patient" that she gave the stem cell blood back to Stacy as planned. Rex assures Gigi that he never stopped loving her.

As they talk, Shane interrupts and is stunned when his mother announces that she will love Rex for the rest of her life.

Shane doesn't know what to think so his parents try to explain what his aunt did to them. Shane likes the idea of pretending he's dying to fool Stacy so she'll reveal the bag of stem cells.

Later, Rex lies to Gigi that he never slept with Stacy. Fish stops when Layla starts kissing him. Though he apologizes, she convinces him to continue only to be interrupted by Cristian when he comes home early.

Cristian asks him about Kyle's warning but Fish calls Kyle a loser. Roxy spots Kyle eying a photo of him with Fish.

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One Life To Live
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