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Matthew claims he has no control over his life. Destiny confirms to Tea that Matthew wants to divorce his parents. Tea explains that you can facilitate this by being married, Destiny offers to tie the knot.

Laying one of the full-length furs on the floor of the storage locker, Stacy asks Rex to make love to her and she'll give him the bag of blood.

Rex assures her he would do anything to help Shane. Stacy accuses him of wanting her but he denies it and asks why she would have sex with someone who doesn't want her.

Crying, Stacy suddenly hands him the bag of blood and tells him to get out.

Later, Schuyler tries to help Stacy but she sends him away and vows to get even as she grabs the nearby crowbar.

As she talks with Greg and Shaun, Rachel is greeted by another drug client named Brendan who is bleeding after a fall on his skateboard.

When Rachel senses he's hyper, he insists he's 42 days sober but Greg recognizes the symptoms and orders the teen to the hospital.

As a nurse objects, Greg decides he must drill some holes in the patient's skull or else he will die. When the nurse refuses to help, Greg orders Rachel to assist.

A security guard attempts to arrest Greg but Shaun jumps in and handles the guard while his brother starts drilling.

Rachel's impressed after Greg saves his life while Shaun points out it's what his brother does.

Talking about moving on with their lives, a somber Blair signs the divorce papers John brought to her and says goodbye to their short life together. Nora catches Bo watching a video of Matthew playing basketball.

The two are later served with subpoenas, thanks to Tea.

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One Life To Live
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