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Todd invites Tea to move in with him. Tea warns Todd that he's mistaken if he thinks he's going to have a "three-way" with her and Blair.

As they argue, Todd declares that he loves her.

Dorian warns Blair about Todd's plans. After Matthew vows to have the surgery by winning emancipation, Rachel guesses Greg is behind this.

Greg denies it and Destiny confirms that she gave her friend the idea.

Rachel is disgusted to hear that Tea agreed to represent him.

Greg advises Matthew that he's going to need his parents if he has the surgery and asks him to decide between walking and having a family.

Ordering Matthew to attend his mother's party tonight, Rachel invites Shaun to be her date. Nora announces to Clint that she's got to postpone the wedding because Matthew is suing her and Bo so he can have the surgery.

Since she doesn't have court tomorrow, Clint suggests they get married tomorrow and then wonders if she's using Matthew's action as an excuse to get out of marrying him.

Nora claims she's not a multitasker so Clint suggests that if she wants to postpone it, he will agree to that.

Clint also states that if she's not ready to get married in general, then he's not ready either. Shocked to see what Stacy did to her car, Rex warns Gigi to stay away from her sister.

Eyeing the damage, Bo agrees to put out an APB for Stacy and urges Rex to get a restraining order. Rex sheepishly admits he had sex with Stacy once and then admits he didn't tell Gigi.

Gigi offers to drop the charges if she leaves town but Stacy refuses.

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