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Clint, Nora, Bo and Viki stare in disbelief when they insist on seeing the sign she and her friends are hiding. Clint guesses that Asa would have a good laugh over the misfortune.

When Matthew arrives with Shaun, Destiny and Rachel, Nora quickly starts arguing with Matthew about his efforts to get emancipated.

Destiny confesses that this was her idea, not Tea's.

Alone with Brody, Jessica is reminded of her marriage to Nash and admits that she misses him. As Natalie offers a toast to the two happy couples, the lights suddenly go out.

Jessica wanders through the lodge and thinks she hears someone.

Pressed by Renee to reach out to Asa, Delphina warns that this could be very dangerous. She states that Asa told her he feels you should "dance with the one that brung' you."

She then claims Asa wants her to know his lucky numbers 7, 11 and 14. Delphina then admits she feels another one's presence.

Outside, Jessica thinks she sees Nash wandering the grounds.

Bo presses Rex to tell Gigi the truth that he slept with Stacy and finally gets through to him by suggesting he doesn't want Stacy to be the person to leak his secret.

Uninterested in Gigi's offer to let her leave town, Stacy pulls out the doctor's report that she's pregnant and considers telling her sister the truth.

Rex rushes home after hearing Gigi is home alone with Stacy. Rex announces he's getting a restraining order so Stacy reveals that she's pregnant with his child.

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One Life To Live
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