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John asks Judge Runyon to help him save Cole's life. He would do that, John says, by allowing him to stay out of prison and work undercover.

The judge reluctantly agrees to the request but gives John only one month to make the drug sting work.

Bo finds Brody's police academy application in the garbage can and questions him about it.

Brody reminds him of his mental troubles but Bo points out those were a result of what happened to him overseas.

He encourages him to apply and suggests he also tell Jessica.

Schuyler's amazed to find Gigi thinking positive about her relationship with Rex. She points out that she and Rex are working together to trap her sister and adds that Rex assured her nothing happened between him and Stacy.

When he asks if Rex denied sleeping with Stacy, she claims he didn't have to. Boasting that he believes in honesty, Schuyler is about to tell Gigi that Stacy had sex with Rex when Rex interrupts.

Langston is thrilled when Markko surprises her at Dorian's, admitting he wouldn't miss the wedding. Starr admits to Cole that she's worried about what comes after the wedding.

He assures her that in spite of his two-year prison sentence, they will make their marriage work. The Justice of the Peace arrives and, after some words from Todd, begins the ceremony.

As he's about to pronounce Starr and Cole husband and wife, John arrives and Addie's calling of his name stops the ceremony.

Natalie apologizes to Jessica about all that she has done to her lately and updates her on the unfinished situation with Stacy.

Later, Brody advises Jessica that he's applied to the police academy.

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