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Bess lies about being glad to see Brody. He sees through her scheme and calls her Bess.

He insists that she and the baby come home with him.

Bess vows to fight him but he warns her "alter" that she's hurting Jessica. As he pleads with her, he realizes Jessica is fighting to come out.

Pulling a gun on him, Phil orders Brody to back off because they like Jessica just the way she is.

Cindy knocks Brody out but Jessica emerges as she realizes the danger he faces. Bess forces Jessica back and regains control.

She then tries to flee with Hope only to stop at the door as she sees the police approach.

When he calls the idea "sick," Stacy convinces Stan to punch her because she's fallen in love with a guy and needs to do this to keep him with her.

She finally hands him gloves to keep him from leaving any evidence he hit her and then complains about it after he punches her in the eye.

Rex finds Gigi with Schuyler and warns her that the ex-teacher is a drug addict who was having sex with one of his students.

He also accuses Schuyler of stealing Stacy's cash which causes both of them to laugh at how gullible Rex is.

Back at his place, Schuyler tells Gigi that Stacy's blood packet is gone.

Cole's called in to do a random drug test but before he leaves, he assures a worried Starr that he is very happy.

After Rachel catches him lying about being called in, Cole admits he's troubled by all that has happened and wishes that the baby had stayed dead.

Starr advises her father that she no longer hates him. John's compassionate when Marty admits she's not sure how to help her son.

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One Life To Live
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