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Marcie awaits the return of the baby. Poising as Jean Randolph, Viki convinces Bess to open the bedroom door.

Pointing out that Bess has failed keeping the truth about the baby hidden, Viki urges Bess to realize that Jessica needs to face the truth about the baby.

As she talks, Bess guesses that she's not Jean and Viki confirms it but explains that it's time for Jessica to come back.

As Viki talks about her love for her, Jessica emerges from her alter and re-lives the birth of her dead baby.

Schuyler grabs Kyle and tries to force him to admit he took the bag of blood from his apartment but Fish stops Schuyler who laughs when Kyle decides not to press charges.

However, when Kyle thanks the cop for "having his back," Fish denies being his friend anymore and wonders if his attacker had some truth in what he was saying.

Kyle later calls to warn a smug Stacy that Schuyler and Gigi are aware of what she did but she's not concerned.

Schuyler updates Gigi about Kyle and decides that they need to focus on proving Stacy is lying.

Guessing no one is home, Gigi uses her key to allow her and Schuyler into Rex's place so that she can grab her toothbrush to get a DNA sample from her sister.

Inside, they find Stacy who has tricked Rex into her bed.

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