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Finding she's set up a romantic dinner for missing Rex, Moe warns Stacy that Rex has eyes only for Gigi. Rex announces to a stunned Gigi that he loves only her.

He claims that he believes everything that she told him about Stacy but wants to maintain things as they are until he can find out who the real donor for Shane is.

She explains how Natalie and Jared helped her with Kyle. Natalie, Jared and Kyle find Renee in room 302 at the Boutet Clinic and she explains that she's there for some plastic surgery.

A nurse reveals that the patient who formerly had that room died a couple of months ago but she won't reveal the patient's name.

That same nurse later tells Renee that the record shows that the previous patient died but hints otherwise. Kyle leaks that Roxy has an extra bag of blood.

Armed with the syringe, a threatening Nurse Gayle stabs Roxy and leaves with the donor's blood. Later, Roxy comes to and tells Jared and Natalie that the blood was taken from her by a deranged nurse from the clinic.

Rex tries to tell Gigi that he had sex with Stacy but is interrupted by Natalie and Jared who give them the bad news about failing to find the real blood donor.

Bo is uncomfortable when Clint tells his "little brother" that he's going to be his best man. Destiny is disappointed when her brother Greg has to cancel their dinner date and lies that he's actually working on Matthew's case.

He fails to admit that he actually has a real date. Matthew cheers up Destiny by spending time with her. Gayle arrives at Stacy's and surprises her when she hands her the blood.

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