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Dorian tries to tell Moe how to cook the meal she has planned for Ray. Noelle urges Dorian to let them handle everything.

Dorian can't help but double check everything. Noelle gets her to back off by encouraging her interest in Ray.

Blair is furious when Todd announces that he is taking the kids back home with him since he still has custody of them.

She convinces him to allow Starr to stay with her because of the emotional cost of giving up Hope. Turning to him for comfort, Marty hopes to John that Cole will allow her to make up for lost time.

Eyeing him, she admits that she's wasted valuable time since her accident and wants to resume their relationship too.

Blair approaches John later and states that she needs him now more than ever. A hospitalized Tea is pleased when Viki brings her roses.

With tears in her eyes, Tea admits that she confessed to Blair that Todd is the love of her life. Viki leaks that Charlie proposed earlier.

Todd stops by to see her and invites her to come home with him and his sons. Armed with the DNA test results from Stacy's hair sample, Schuyler pages through a photo album and asks Gigi why there are no pictures of her sister.

Gigi wonders why Schuyler was attracted to her sister.

Talking about his adventure in Las Vegas, he mentions she makes a great chicken Parmesan and points out she was always there for him when he came down from his drug-induced highs.

Rex is surprised when Stacy prepares a romantic chicken Parmesan dinner for him which leads to a water fight.

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