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Matthew tries a few wheelchair jokes to cheer a nervous Cole. Rachel finds them together and are impressed to see Cole met with Bo.

Rachel privately points out to Cole the meeting went well and shows that Matthew is moving on with his life.

Jack fears they are all dead when he finds Todd, Blair and Tea lying on the foyer floor. He's relieved to see they are all still breathing.

Before he can call for the police, Powell arrives, dressed as an EMT.

Sensing Powell's dangerous, Jack starts to run upstairs to protect his brother but Rebecca stops him.

Jack lies when Starr calls to talk with Todd. After he's removed the three bodies, he leaves Rebecca behind to watch Jack and Sam.

Dorian confronts Langston about her plans to have sex with Markko tonight after the prom. Langston rages when Lola arrives and Dorian leaks that it was the teen who told her.

Langston then announces that there is nothing she can do to stop them but adds that she and Markko are "responsible" teens.

Knowing she's right and aware she can't stop them, Dorian hands her condoms from France along with the rule that "a Lord is always prepared."

Meanwhile, Markko's frustrated when he goes to a drug store for condoms and finds his mother's friend Mrs. Burns working the counter.

Markko finally calls Cole for help.

Before he buys the condoms for his friend, Cole confesses why he needed help with his drug test and asks for his forgiveness.

Impressed, Markko decides he must buy the condoms himself. Rachel convinces Matthew to go to the prom by himself.

Clint finally complains when he finds Bo and Nora embracing again.

Bo admits that the two of them almost kissed the other day. On her website, Lola vows to ruin Markko and Langston's happiness.

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One Life To Live
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