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As Jessica and Brody make out, Rebecca slips into the baby's room. She tells her she is actually Starr and Cole's baby.

Jessica heads upstairs which causes Rebecca to hide.

Downstairs, Natalie and Jared catch Brody there and threaten to call the police.

Jessica stops them and announces that they are together but won't explain how she can date someone who is sleeping with Gigi.

Seeing her ring, Jessica guesses that Natalie and Jared eloped and finds their lies hard to believe.

Star and Cole are suspicious when they find Kyle at Todd's place and he claims he's a babysitter on the side.

As he drives back to Llanview, the vision of Pete warns John that Marty is in trouble.

He gets him to consider where Powell would take his captives.

John calls Todd's place and reaches Kyle who panics when John accuses him of working with his sister.

After Starr finds her brother hiding in a closet, Kyle tries to run but Fish stops him.

After shooting Tea in the arm, Powell demands that she and Blair enter the boiler room.

As they argue, he forces them inside, knocks open the gas valve and then locks them inside. Upstairs, Marty tells a bound Todd that she remembers more and more from the night he raped her.

He urges her to recount all the details if it is going to help her.

After she remembers everything, Todd pushes her to keep going into the past until Marty starts to remember the love she had with Patrick and when she gave birth to Cole.

Powell's not pleased when Rebecca brings him Chloe.

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