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Michael and Marcie tell Starr and Cole the exhumed baby is not Hope. Starr wonders if her baby might still be alive.

When Rex tries to convince Gigi that Shane should stay with him, she points out he let him eat enough junk food to put him in the hospital.

He insists that their son needs both parents so Gigi invites Rex to move back in with her.

Hoping to have Rex all to herself, Stacy convinces him to let Gigi take Shane home by herself.

At the hospital Jessica desperately holds Chloe and tells Viki and the others that she just wants to take her daughter home.

After Brody mentions how she passed out in the car, Clint insists that she be examined before going home.

While the doctor examines Jessica and the baby, Todd and Marty privately chat with Viki about Chloe being Starr and Cole's baby.

Viki suggests that Todd be the person who gives Starr her baby back but asks for time to give Jessica the news. Todd and Marty return to his place where they are reunited with Cole and Starr.

Meanwhile, Jessica is tormented by a vision of Bess and runs from the hospital with Chloe. Hopping into the car, "Bess" advises Chloe to say goodbye to Llanview as she drives her out of town.

Blair comes to after the explosion in the boiler room. John does too and digs himself out from under some rubble to help her up.

Bo arrives with the EMTs and helps uncover an unconscious Tea who is rushed to the hospital.

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