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Bo tries to figure out where Bess may be taking Chloe. Bess realizes Jessica is battling to take control of her own body again.

Bess finally wins out by throwing the phone out of the car window.

Tess then emerges and points out to her alter that she can't raise a baby on her own. Bess decides it's time to try to completely rid herself of Tess.

Viki warns Clint, Bo and Brody that there may be other personalities within Jessica which makes this a very dangerous situation.

Jared tries to stop Natalie from blaming herself for what has happened.

Charlie also adds his own words of advice and she thanks her father-in-law. Realizing what she called him, Natalie and Jared leak that they eloped and both families offer their congratulations.

Nora reluctantly advises Bo that she and Clint are engaged.

After Nora gives him a list of the charges against him, Kyle waits for Stacy to come save him.

Schuyler approaches a reluctant Gigi about her sister and explains why he thinks that the stem cells that saved her son's life did not come from Stacy.

Meanwhile, Stacy digs out two bundles of cash from her suitcase and heads to the station house, lying to Rex that she has a late-night job interview.

After she leaves, Stan arrives, seeking Stacy and warns him that she's a liar and a thief.

He claims that she stole $20,000 from him and his club back in Las Vegas but runs off after Rex offers to call the police to help him.

After Stacy returns, Rex asks her about stealing Stan's cash.

Blair urges Todd not to blame himself for what Powell became. He's relieved to hear that Tea survived her surgery.

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One Life To Live
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