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Todd is there as Tea wakes. Blair gets a moment with her.

Blair denies saying such a thing but when she asks Tea about the secret she intended to tell her, Tea claims she doesn't know what she's talking about.

The two agree not to tell anyone what they talked about while being held in the boiler room.

Todd invites Tea to come stay with him while she recuperates.

Meanwhile, John and Marty kiss passionately after she admits she remembers all about their relationship.

The two decide it's not a good time to jump into bed but as she leaves, she lets him know he's still a good kisser.

He suggests she not tell his wife.

Markko brings Langston home and nervously sits with Dorian who stuns them with the revelation that Lola not only poked holes in the condoms they intended to use, she also confessed that she killed her own mother.

Later, Dorian confides to Langston that she's come to a new understanding about Ray but won't say anything more. Rex forces Stacy to admit that she lied that she didn't know Stan.

She claims that she took back the $20,000 he owed her. He offers to call Bo but she also doesn't want the cops involved because Stan's with the mob.

Stacy lies that a friend ripped her off so Rex offers to get his hands on some money. Schuyler tells Gigi that he saw Stacy throwing away the blood bag after she made her "donation" to help Shane.

Confused, she asks what he did with it and he admits he kept it and had it tested. Kyle demands a free room from Roxy or he'll tell everyone what she and Stacy did.

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