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Finding blood on her hands, Natalie lets loose a scream. John comes to her rescue and she identifies the lifeless body of Pamela Stuart.

As they leave John alone, he finds Jared's wallet. Brody and Jessica stun Charlie and Viki with the news that Jared's been lying and is responsible for Natalie's stalker.

Elijah leaks that he couldn't get near Tea's briefcase.

When Ross claims he's not a real father to Tea's baby, Elijah vows to change that for his brother. When Layla stops by the diner with the keys he left behind, Cristian invites her to help him make the flan.

He offers her a taste of the secret ingredient, dulce de leche, and then follows it up with a passionate kiss.

When they pull back, Cristian starts to apologize and then confesses that he's actually been wanting to kiss her for awhile now.

She guesses this is more about her sister than her and walks out. Carlotta confronts Tea and asks for the truth about her marital situation.

But before she can answer, Todd knocks on the door. After Carlotta reluctantly leaves, Todd and Tea argue about wedding rings and a possible future together.

Marty tries to help Blair regain her memory by hypnotizing her. As she thinks back to Tea's visit, Blair remembers that they were arguing about Tea's child.

The entire moment returns to her as she remembers that she pulled away from Tea and fell into the window and down to the ground below. When she's brought back to reality, Blair tells Marty that she's not going to tell Todd anything.

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One Life To Live
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