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Destiny tells David to find out what happened to Matthew. Unimpressed when he leaves a message for Bo, Destiny suggests Matthew was kidnapped.

Tea confides to Rachel that after a test, she discovered that Todd was the father of her baby, not Ross.

She admits that she took "Daniella" from him to prevent him for doing the same to her.

In England, Tom advises his new roommate that the British "public" school system is actually private which means they can and have put them on lock down.

Hearing what Nora and Bo did to him, Tom goes out to search for a cellphone he can use to call home. But as he says hello to Destiny, the girl who owns the phone grabs it and demands to know why he has it.

Tom warns Matthew that Danielle Rayburn is a jerk but Matthew thinks she's nice. Destiny wonders why Matthew's short call came from England.

Blair successfully fools Todd into thinking she feels faint and wins an embrace from him

She then pretends that she's getting more of her memory back and announces that Tea and Ross were planning to take all of his money from him.

Admitting she still has feelings for him, Blair kisses Todd passionately. Elijah promises Ross that they will find his child.

He shows the attorney a picture of his daughter "Dani" and vows to find out where she is even if he has to choke it out of Tea. Brody's surprised when his sister Nadine calls and admits that she needs his help.

When he questions her, Nadine tells him to come home and hangs up. Jessica urges him to go to Michigan. Later, she's startled to answer her phone and hear Nash's voice.

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