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Gigi tells Schuyler that she not only got to see her favorite band tonight, it was also on Stacey's dime.

Cristian assures Layla that he'll always love Evangeline but realizes that they both need to let her go.

Layla confesses that when Cristian kissed her, it felt so good and so right that it scared her.

Agreeing, Cristian claims that when he's scared, he doesn't run but she counters that fear keeps them safe.

Cristian tells Layla he wants to be with her and challenges her to admit the same. She admits she's afraid of getting involved because she's been hurt so many times so he walks out.

Stating gays can't marry in Pennsylvania, Kyle reminds him it's a commitment ceremony but Fish asks if he loves Nick.

As they argue, Fish gets frustrated and finally confesses that he wants him. Nick claims he's not ready for a relationship with him.

When Langston and Starr explain that Dorian expects them to be at her wedding today, Markko claims he can't because they're not serious and he also fears what his father might do if he sees him there.

Rex reports to Natalie that no one saw Jared anywhere.

As he worries about Gigi, she insists they stay there for at least another day and follow their lead. Rex calls Gigi and interrupts her after-concert evening with Schuyler to report that he's got to stay out of town a bit longer.

Eyeing the pack of matches Jared left behind as a clue, Natalie imagines Jared arriving at the hotel room and is disappointed to find it's Rex knocking at her door, not Jared.

He tries calling Gigi again but she doesn't answer. John realizes he missed a clue at the lodge.

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