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Amelia tells Nash it's time for her to start Part III of their plan. John's curious when Gigi explains that Rex is out of town.

Roxy asks Schuyler to run a costume over to Gigi's place for her.

When he makes the delivery, Gigi and her son convince Schuyler to come to the Halloween party with them.

He dons the Batman costume meant for Rex and reluctantly allows them to take a "family" picture. Jessica tells Brody about the call from Nash and insists that he actually spoke with her.

Jessica guesses to John that Rex is helping Natalie.

Greeted by a towel-clad David, Vikki warns him to keep it on and then advises Dorian that she can't be in the final debate because she needs to concentrate on her family.

Dorian accuses her of doing this to trick voters into thinking she's a normal family woman but then boasts that she has a lesbian fiancee waiting for her. Viki repeats her suspicion that Dorian is using her controversial nuptials to try to woo the gay vote.

Dorian insists she believes that two people who love each should be able to marry. Later, admitting he knows that she's worried about her family, David offers his help to Viki.

Dorian's jealous when she finds David hugging an appreciative Viki.

Nadine asks her brother Brody to stay with her for a week until her court problems are over.

But when he hears what's going on with Jessica, he tells her that he'll be home tonight, upsetting a nearby Nadine who ends up drugging his coffee.

After he passes out, Nadine calls someone to report that Jessica is all his now.

Jessica receives another call from Nash who asks her to come to Napa. Rex and Natalie get a lead on Jared.

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One Life To Live
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