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Finding Schuyler holding a letter from a med school, Gigi opens it and reads that he's been accepted.

Thrilled, he grabs her and kisses her, embarrassing Gigi.

Kevin returns home to find Nora and Bo in the living room amidst hundreds of pieces of shattered crystal. As they talk about their empty lives, Bo confesses to Nora that he still loves her.

Kyle arrives at Dorian's for the "big gay wedding" and finds many loud protesters outside the property.

Fish spots him but returns to duty when Nick approaches and boasts this was Amelia's idea.

Cristian tells Fish that he came because he didn't want him to be alone when Kyle got married. Amused to see Eunice mistake them as gay, Cole and Markko pretend to be a couple.

Starr and Langston join in the joke, boasting to the shocked woman about their love for each other.

When the crowd guesses to Fish that he'd rather be on their side of the fence, he can't take it any longer.

As Kyle watches, Fish announces to the crowd that he's gay too and would rather be on this side with people who accept him for what he is.

Amazed with the huge crowd, Dorian confides to Langston that she's still in love with David.

Tea is shocked when Elijah names the Warwick School in London and warns that Ross used his credit card to book a flight to England.

Tea calls to order a ticket and Elijah decides to go with her. On the same jet as Ross, Destiny talks with David about his feelings for Dorian.

When he claims that he doesn't think Dorian loves him, Destiny questions his thinking. Hearing his operation becomes less likely as time passes, Danielle comes up with an idea to help Matthew.

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One Life To Live
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