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Todd rages as Tea is unable to deny she is married to Ross. He guesses she went to Tahiti, not Tennessee, before they got married.

Crying, Tea insists that she is not married to Ross and claims there are divorce papers in Tahiti.

He points out the woman in Tahiti denied there are any papers.

Tea guesses Ross and Blair are to blame and offers to marry him again but Todd announces that he wants to remain single and orders her to get out.

Meanwhile, Ross offers to tell Blair Tea's secret but only if she permanently washes her hands of Todd.

Instead, Blair leaks that she hasn't had the kidnaping charges dropped yet so he walks out. Kim overhears Rex ordering tickets for a movie and calls to order two for her and her date.

Gigi is annoyed when Schuyler admits he's going on a date with Kim. In the theater, Gigi can't stop watching Schuyler and Kim and ruins their date.

Later, Kim kisses Schuyler goodbye, telling him it's obvious he's in love with Stacy. Fish panics when he overhears Stacy boasting to a waitress that she is pregnant.

Sitting him down, Stacy assures Fish that Rex is the father because she was already pregnant when she and Fish "did it."

Hearing he's gay and his recent struggles to "come out," Stacy assures him he'll find the right man. Though his cellphone has rung when Landers' phone was "redialed," Jared denies ever meeting Landers.

Jared pulls Natalie aside and promises that he has things to tell her but can't right now. Fish searches Jared's computer and points out to John, Bo and Natalie that there are electronic payments from Jared to Wayne.

Jared denies paying him anything and insists he's being framed but John decides to take him in for questioning.

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