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Dorian's impressed as Tea tells her about her trip to Tahiti and how she has fooled Tea into thinking that she is divorced from Ross.

Todd tells Jack that he's going to marry Tea and asks him to stand up with him. Tea seeks advice from Viki about marrying Todd and as she talks about secrets, Viki urges her to put everything out into the open.

Jack forces Blair to "make it worth his while" if he keeps quiet about the man in the cabana. At the diner Markko is taken aback when an angry Ernesto leaks that his wife wants a divorce.

He accuses his son of putting this idea in her mind but Markko denies it and warns his father that if he's forced to choose, he'll pick Langston, the woman he loves.

When Ernesto doesn't respond, he announces that he's leaving.

Matthew faces off with Bo when he urges him to put off the operation. Bo pleads with him for fear that he'll lose another son.

As Ernesto watches from nearby, Matthew acknowledges the pain he suffers from thanks to losing Drew but won't change his mind.

David offers Bo advice and points out Bo's a great father. Ernesto finds Markko with Langston and tells him they are welcome at the house anytime.

John and Marty urge Fish's father to accept his homosexuality but he refuses to forgive the sinner. Kyle interrupts and blasts his friend's father.

Back at the apartment, Fish argues with his mother about accepting him for who he is and tells a sad story about what happened after she caught him years ago with Kyle.

She returns to George who is listening to Kyle warn him that his friend fears that he'll never see his heroic father again.

George says goodbye to his son but adds that he can never accept his lifestyle and his choice.

Fish states that it's not a choice or a lifestyle

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