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Viki, Clint and Charlie refuse to believe Natalie and Jared's claims about Chloe and Jessica. Jessica remembers "Bess" driving the night she gave birth.

Pushed by Brody, Jessica talks about her returning memories and passes out when she is overwhelmed by the shocking truth about her past.

As Powell starts to slice open Todd's neck, John shoots Powell dead. He frees Todd and Marty who admits that her memory is back.

The two then take Chloe to the hospital for a check up.

Down in the boiler room, Tea decides to tell Blair her secret only to find Blair has passed out from the gas.

Stating that Todd really only loves Blair, Tea passes out.

John finds them both unconscious and carries Blair out first.

As he carries Tea out next, Rebecca, who has overheard that Powell is dead, surprises him. He orders her to get out because of the gas leak but she lights a match instead.

When Shane wakes Rex because he's not feeling well, Stacy suggests giving him an aspirin but Rex insists on taking him to the hospital.

When Gigi shows, thanks to Rex's call, Shane accuses her of being with Brody and wants nothing to do with her.

Stacy stews as she watches Gigi and Rex hear that the close call was due to Shane's earlier enormous snack intake.

Later, Gigi orders her son to pack his things and come home with her.

Brody brings Jessica to the hospital and calls Viki and Clint who rush to be by her side. When she hears Viki yell out Chloe's name, Jessica rushes to the hallway and takes Chloe from Marty's arms.

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