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Nigel gets Rachel to reveal that her first date with Shaun is also his last date. Shaun is hurt and asks if this is because of his brother.

Vivian removes her coat to reveal that she has nothing on. Greg quickly replaces her coat and warns that he wants to be with Rachel.

Dani suggests to Matthew that they break out of the school.

Todd urges a grateful Viki to keep campaigning on this day before the election because he knows that Llanview needs her but she fears that she has lost.

Andrew calms the noisy crowd of protesters by asking them to respect these other people. As the ceremony gets underway, Starr notices how ill Dorian looks.

Langston calls David in hopes that he is on his way to interrupt the multi-nuptials. Nick tries to place the ring on Kyle's finger and confesses that he loves him.

Kyle admits that he doesn't love him and explains that he can't marry him. He finds Fish and confesses he loves him.

Thrilled, Fish suggests they go on a date before they tie the knot like this. Ross enters the Warwick school and starts looking for Dani's room.

The headmistress stops him and has him taken away by security before Dani can see him. Now in London, David brings Destiny to Kevin's place. He's astounded when Nigel's lookalike cousin Nevil answers the door.

Inside, Bo confesses to Nora that he's still in love with her.

As they both agree it's impossible for them to be together, the two end up kissing. David is shocked to find them kissing. Thanks to a call from Nigel, David and the others watch on TV as Dorian kisses Amelia.

On the flight to England, Tea stuns Elijah with the news that Todd is her daughter's father, not Ross.

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One Life To Live
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