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Langston's not happy when Markko admits he would vote for Viki. She hints that she might end their relationship if he does.

Afterward, Markko laughs to Langston that only he and God know who won his vote. Starr tells Dorian she thought the ceremony was beautiful.

After he votes, Noelle confides to Moe that she's not sure who to vote for. Gigi insists to Schuyler that she doesn't want to be with him.

Later, Noelle offers Gigi advice for the lovelorn.

As they search the empty cottage for Jared, Natalie and Rex are shocked to find Jessica searching as well.

She claims that Nash told her to come. Unaware Brody is being held captive, John returns to Rex and Natalie's hotel room and tries to force the hotel clerk to tell him the truth.

When he continues to lie, John invites a local cop to arrest him. Clint advises Charlie and Viki that his men still have not found Jared.

John arrives and updates them on Rex and Gigi.

A bound Brody is upset when his sister Nadine refuses to release him.

Rex's Aunt Corrine calls and claims that she needs him because she's dying and wants to put her affairs in order. She offers to tell him who his father is but claims she only has days to live.

Rex advises the two women who urge him to leave immediately, promising to call the police. They're both unaware that Corinne is with Nadine.

When Rex arrives to visit his "dying" aunt, he drinks some spiked tea when it's offered.

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