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The headmistress advises Tea and Elijah that Dani's father was kicked out of the school. She promises Tea that her daughter will be kept safe.

On the phone, Matthew tells Rachel that his parents hijacked him and placed him in a London boarding school.

Dani's disappointed when she realizes her visitor is her mother, not her father.

Unimpressed to meet her Uncle Eli, Dani refuses to go when Tea explains that she's moving her to a new school.

She then guesses that she's doing this because her father is here and angrily asks why she can't see him.

Outraged, Dani rushes back to Matthew and announces that they're both escaping from the school.

Tom offers them some traveling money but as they leave, Destiny arrives.

Having overheard Nora tell Bo that she loves him too, David warns them both that Nora can't be left alone with Bo or she'll "jump his bones."

While Nora takes a call from Clint, David privately urges Bo not to be like him and Dorian. Clint offers to fly to London but Nora convinces him she won't be there much longer.

She then tells Bo she's going home. Stacey's impressed when Kim hands her a "month-older" sonogram photo to use as her own to fool Rex.

When Kim talks about the rich bachelor Bo, Stacey points her to Clint instead because he's richer and his wife's in England.

Unaware Rachel has told Greg they can't be together, Shaun catches them talking and accuses her of lying.

He also asks his brother how long he's been "playing him" and guesses he'll soon dump Rachel for another.

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