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Nick brings Kyle a tuxedo for him to wear when they get married. Nick asks him to be honest and "say the word" if he doesn't want to go through with this.

Fish opens up to Cristian about wanting Kyle, a man he can't have because he agreed to marry Nick earlier. As Jessica tries to deny what she's hearing on her cellphone, the voice claims that he is Nash.

Complaining that it's cold where he is, Nash asks for her help. Viki and Charlie rush in and hear a hysterical Jessica insist that it was Nash. Viki calls John who listens to Jessica describe the call.

He reveals that he's been recording all of their phone calls, thanks to a court order, and shows the flash drive with the important information.

Fish plays the recording back and Viki admits it sounds like Nash.

Fish offers to prove the identity by comparing it to an actual recording of Nash and the computer result is "identical."

Tea panics when Ross catches her talking with her daughter Danielle. Guessing his daughter's cellphone number is on her phone, Ross fights her for the device.

As she searches the contacts, Tea knocks him over the head with a vase and warns that he can never see Danielle again. Tea runs upstairs and finds Todd on top of Blair, kissing.

Blair claims she remembers that Tea and Ross were working together to rob Todd blind. When Ross interrupts, a relieved Tea hurries him out.

Matthew apologizes to Danielle for using her phone without her permission. When she admits she hates her parents, he boasts that his are worse.

Hearing what Bo and Nora did to him, Danielle claims her mother could help him because she's a great lawyer. She also admits her father lives in Tahiti.

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